Thursday, July 28, 2011

Functional Capacity Evaluation, (FCE) update

Recently the FECA Manuals have been updated and revised. There is now a section of the FECA Manual that covers the topic of the Functional Capacity Evaluations, (FCE's).

If you have been scheduled for or have attended an FCE, I highly recommend you read the portion of the FECA Manual that applies to FCE's so that, 1) you know the 'rules' and 2) that the 'rules' have been applied to you.

You can find the section on FCE's in part three at 3-0201-15. As always, you can find the FECA Manuals on the "Links" page of this blog.

Knowledge is power and only you can be responsible for making sure everyone involved in your case is acting according to the rules and regulations under FECA.

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