Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Law Enforcement Officer Services

It is with great pride that I announce Jesse Slade and Associates has been selected to act as an OWCP expert in the Law Enforcement Officer Services, (LEOS) plan.

The LEOS plan provides legal defense services to federal, state and local law enforcement officers as well as ALL other federal civilian and postal employees and is the most comprehensive representation available to Law Enforcement officers, civil servants, postal employees and unions.

Membership dues are $15.00 per pay period, or every two weeks.

Membership in the LEOS plan provides:

24/7 Emergency line

Consultation and representation from experienced attorneys and staff representatives during:

o   Critical incidents
o   Internal Affairs or OPR interviews (when permitted)
o   Pre-disciplinary / pre-termination hearings
o   Arbitration hearings
o   Grievances

Representation at Merit Systems Protection Board/Employee-Management Relations Board hearings

Criminal defense of the officer when not scoped by their agency

Civil defense of the officer when not scoped by their agency

OWCP/DOL consultations, representation and correspondence (excluding appeals and pre-termination rebuttals which are offered at a 30% discount for members)

OWCP schedule award claim filing

OWCP second opinion or referee physician rebuttal when appropriate

OPM Disability Retirement benefit advice and counsel

OPM Disability Retirement filings

EEOC benefits– Equal Employment Opportunity Commission attorney consultation including initial contact with Agency, assisting in EEOC Counselor contact, assistance with filing of an informal complaint, providing assistance in mediation, assistance in preparation of the formal complaint, and attorney representation and assistance with the EEOC investigation. (Litigation at the formal EEOC complaint phase requires a $5000 flat rate payment for attorney representation; representation for flat fee discontinues once the EEOC complaint reaches district court)

Offensive lawsuits against agency (when systemic abuse or wrongdoing is evident)

Group representation at Labor-Management Committees or Boards

Group counsel at Local, State or Federal Agency meetings (when permitted)

For more information or to become a member:
(844) LEOS911
(844) 536-7911

Or visit our website at: https://www.leosprotection.com/

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