Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to the Classroom

The Office of Workers' Compensation Programs or OWCP is unknown to most Federal employees, until they're hurt on the job and once an employee is thrown into the machine known as the OWCP, their life forever changes.

It's not enough that the employee is injured and trying to cope with the reality of being injured, sometimes for the rest of their lives, but to then be subjected to the OWCP's rules and requirements the runaround and misinformation is adding insult to injury...literally.

The attempt here is to educate claimant's in the ways of the OWCP and give real examples and clear cut information. To ease the fear and frustration of having to deal with a complicated and exhausting system without the knowledge of how to do so all while dealing with pain and injuries.

Claimant's have to be their own advocates. OWCP and your Agency is not going to help you. You must help yourself to receive the benefits you're entitled to.

If you haven't already done so, you should request a copy of your file from OWCP. Go to "Letter Templates" for an example of how to request a copy of your file. Once you receive your file, go through it carefully.

Feel free to ask questions or post requests for information.

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