Wednesday, September 12, 2012

OWCP Codes

I get a lot of questions about different codes OWCP uses. Not all of OWCP's codes can be found since a lot of them are internal codes but these are the ones I know of:

Injury Type:
100: Struck                                                                                              
110: Struck by                                                                   
111: Struck by falling object                                                
120: Struck against                                                                 
200: Fell, Slipped, Tripped                                                          
210: Fell; same level                                                                
220: Fell; different level                                                                         
230: Slipped, Tripped, no Fall                                                  
300: Caught                                                                        
310: Caught on                                 
320: Caught in
330: Caught between
400: Puncture, Laceration 
410: Punctured by
420: Cut by
430: Stung by
440: Bitten by 
500: Contact
510: Contact with
520: Contact by
600: Exertion
610: Lifted, Strained by    
620: Stressed by 
700: Exposure  
710: Inhalation
720: Ingestion
730: Absorption  
800: Traveling in
999: Unclassified
Payment Type:
0: Adjustment
1: Disability                 
2: Leave Buy Back                    
3: Wage Earning Capacity
4: Direct Payment       
5: Incarcerated           
6: Burial transportation          
7: Death
8: Manual Payment    
9: Schedule Award     
A: Lump sum death benefit   
B: Cash receipt
C: FECS payments adjustment

A0: Accepted; no benefits payable
A0110: Taxi
A0120: Mini Bus
A0130: Wheelchair Van
A0140: Air Travel
A0170: Tolls/Parking
A0180: Lodging
A0190: Meals
A0200: Lodging Escort
A0210: Meals Escort
A1:  Upper Arm; Single                     
A2: Upper Arm; Both             
A3: Forearm; Single
A4: Forearm; Both                             
A5: Wrist; Single                     
A6: Wrists; Both
AB: Arm and Wrist                             
AC: Accepted as compensable; COP only medical benefits authorized
AD: Accepted as compensable; Daily Roll and medical benefits authorized
ADO: Agency declined to offer modified job 
AF: Accepted as compensable; Fatality, Dependent(s) on Periodic Roll no medical benefits authorized
AI: Payment entitlement adjustment in development
AL: Accepted as compensable; Leave elected medical benefits authorized
AM: Accepted as compensable; Medical Benefits Only
AP: Accepted as compensable; Periodic Roll and medical benefits authorized
AR: Administrative Review                
AS: Arm or Wrist
AT: Accepted as Work-Related; Compensation denied medical benefits authorized
AX: Arm(s); multiple sites                  
AZ: Arm(s); other


B1: Breast; Single                           
B2: Brest; Both 
B3: Testicle; Single   
B4: Testicle; Both
B5: Vulva/Vagina              
BA: Abdomen 
BC: Chest             
BL: Lower Back          
BP: Penis 
BS: Side
BU: Upper Back          
BW: Waist                   
BX: Undefined             
BZ: Not Otherwise Classified


C1: Closed; No time lost                                 
C2: Closed; Leave elected                  
C3: Closed; Benefits denied                           
C4: Closed; COP covered all time lost           
C5: Closed; other, all benefits paid               
C9: Cardiovascular/Circulatory disease; other
CA: Angina                                                         
CB: Blood disorder
CH: Hypertension                                             
CL: Closed; Administrative     
CM: Myocardial infarction  (heart attack)                            
CP: Varicose veins, Phlebitis, Thrombophlebitis
CS: Cerebrovascular accident  (stroke)                    
CAE: Return to Work; actual earnings Loss of Wage Earning Capacity, (LWEC)
CCL: Loss of Wage Earning Capacity, (LWEC) modification
CCO: Benefits Terminated; no continuing injury-related disability
CEID: Claims Examiner Identification 
CFC: Benefits Terminated; Fraud                  
CFF: Return to Work via Claims Examiner
CFP: Return to Work Full Duty part time via Claims Examiner
CLF: Return to Work Light Duty full time via Claims Examiner
CLP: Return to Work Light Duty part time via Claims Examiner
CLW: Constructed Loss of Wage Earning Capacity, (LWEC) (formal decision issued)
CL$: Return to Work Light Duty full time via Claims Examiner with wage loss
CNC: Return to Work; non-classified position
CNL: Return to Work; 0% Loss of Wage Earning Capacity, (LWEC) (formal decision issued)
CON: Conference completed
CPN: Permanent Total Disability Determination
CPS: Return to Work in private sector via Claims Examiner
CRC: Benefits Reduced; Incarcerated due to Felony
CRL: Recurrence; Loss of Wage Earning Capacity Temporary Total Disability, (TTD)
CRN: Recurrence/New injury following Return to Work Light Duty
CSA: Sanctions: refusing suitable work
CSB: Compensation not claimed (other benefits received such as OPM)

D1: Denied; Untimely                         
D2: Denied; Not Civil Service Employee        
D3: Denied; No Fact of Injury            
D4: Denied; Not in Performance of Duty      
D5: Denied; No Casual Relationship
D7: Denied; Case on appeal-Remanded by Employees’ Compensation Appeals Board, (ECAB)
D8: Denied; Case on appeal-Remanded by Hearing and Review
D9: Denied; Pending Reconsideration
DA: Headaches                      
DB: Seizures, convulsions                   
DC: Coma                   
DE: Death Roll
DEA: Death of claimant
DF: General symptoms; Syncope, dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, numbness of body part
DH: Hearing loss                     
DI: Loss of vision/sight                                
DM: Mental, emotional, nervous conditions
DMA: DMA referral complete
DN: Nerve condition including paralysis after exposure to toxins
DO: Disallowed pending        
DR: Daily Roll  
DR: Radiation                                    
DT: Tumors, cancer and related conditions              
DEA: Death of Claimant        
DEL: Delayed Development
DTC: Dual Track Closed (dual track; Field Nurse, (FN) and Rehabilitation Counselor, (RC) assigned at the same time)
DTO: Dual Track Opened (dual track; Field Nurse and Rehabilitation Counselor assigned at the same time)

EA: Payment entitlement adjustment           
ES: Payment entitlement suspension
ET: Payment entitlement termination
EFT: Electronic Fund Transfer (i.e., Direct Deposit)

FF: Full duty full time                                     
FP: Full duty part time

GD: Diarrhea with/without vomiting             
GH: Hiatal, Umbilical or Ventral hernia        
GO: Hernia; other                                              
GP: Abdominal pain   
GU: Ulcer; gastric, duodenal, peptic              
G9: Gastrointestinal; not otherwise classified
IAE: Interim Actual Earnings (compensation based on actual earnings no formal Loss of Wage Earning Capacity, (LWEC)

JOB: Job Offer Made                                                                         
JOL: Suitable Job Offer letter issued
JON: Job offer not suitable
JOR: Job Offer Request; work restrictions to employing Agency     
JOW: Job Offer Withdrawn
LF: Light Duty full time without wage loss                               
LP: Light Duty part time
LS: Entitled to payment of a lump sum schedule award       
L$: Light Duty full time with wage loss


M9: Musculoskeletal condition; other                                
MA: Arthritis              
MB: Back or neck strain/sprain                                             
MC: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
MC: Entitled to medical treatment only
MD: Degenerative Disc Disease; Spondylosis; Spondylitis
MDN: Medical development needed
MI: Inflammatory disease including bursitis; tendinitis
MK: Chondromalacia                                                             
MP: Pain, swelling, stiffness, redness in joint
MS: Pain, swelling, stiffness, redness not in joint                 
MIN: Medical Interruption (condition non-work related)
MNR: Narrative report received                                           
MRI: Referee Examination Scheduled
MRR: Referred to scheduler for referee                                       
MSC: Second Opinion report received
MSF: Second Opinion follow-up taken
MSI: Second Opinion Scheduled 
MSN: Second Opinion not necessary per SCE
MSR: Referred to scheduler for second opinion
NC: No payment entitlement change                                    
NI: PN memo in development
NL: No lost time                                                                         
NCO: Nurse Case Closed
NCP: Referred to Continuation of Pay, (COP) Nurse           
NFF: Return to Work via Nurse Services
NFN: Referred to Field Nurse
NFP: Return to Work Full Duty part time via Nurse Services
NF3: 30 day extension granted; Nurse Services                    
NF6: 60 day extension granted; Nurse Services
NIC: Nurse intervention via CE
NLF: Return to Work Light Duty full time via Nurse Services
NLP: Return to Work Light Duty part time via Nurse Services
NL$: Return to Work Light Duty full time with wage loss via Nurse Services
NSN: Referred to Staff Nurse

OF: Food poisoning                
OG: Tooth and gum problems           
OL: Hernia; inguinal
ON: Overpayment; not in receipt of compensation  
OP: Overpayment; Case on compensation roll
OP: Pregnancy (Peace Corps only)
OIC: Other intervention by Claims Examiner, (CE) 
OLI: Optional Life Insurance
OLI: Other location Imaged                          
OPM: Elected OPM benefits

PN: Entitled to payment on Periodic Roll; No wage earning capacity or re-employment potential for indefinite future.
PR: Entitled to payment on Periodic Roll.                 
PS: Payment of Schedule Award
PS: Return to Work; private sector
PW: Periodic Roll; Loss of Wage Earning Capacity, (LWEC) in place
PCR: No entitlement change following periodic review
PFP: Return to Work Full Duty part time      
PLF: Return to Work Light Duty full time without wage loss
PLP: Return to Work Light Duty part time    
PL$: Return to Work Light Duty full time with wage loss
PRL: Pre-Reduction notice sent 
PRM: Open; the DM record has been open 30 months or more. The claimant remains off work or is working with wage loss.                      
PTL: Pre-Termination notice sent

QAP: Narrative Report Requested from Physician


R9: Respiratory condition; other       
RA: Asbestosis            
RB: Bronchitis            
RC: Asthma
RE: Emphysema                                    
RO: Reopen                 
RP: Pneumoconiosis (Black Lung)
RR: Reaction to smoke, fumes, and chemicals                       
RS: Silicosis
RT: Case retired or awaiting retirement                               
RCL: Rehabilitation case closed with no return to work
RFF: Return to Work via Vocational Rehabilitation
RFP: Return to Work Full Duty part time via Vocational Rehabilitation
RHC: Returned to claims examiner   
RHD: Plan Development; Vocational Rehabilitation
RHE: Employed                                     
RHG: Assisted Re-employment Program
RHI: Rehabilitation Plan in place       
RHM: Medical Rehabilitation
RHN: Placement; previous employer without other services
RHP: Placement; new employer        
RHR: Referred to Rehabilitation Specialist   
RHS: Self-employment                        
RHT: In approved OWCP Vocational Training
RHV: Employed; Assisted Re-employment Program. Rehabilitation counselor follow-up
RHW: Placement; previous employer with other services
RHX: Vocational Rehabilitation services interrupted
RHZ: Post-employment services
RIC: Rehabilitation intervention via CE
RLF: Return to Work Light Duty full time without wage loss via Vocational Rehabilitation
RLP: Return to Work Light Duty part time via Vocational Rehabilitation
RLT: Eventual Reduction via Rehabilitation (entered when letter from claims examiner, (CE) is sent to claimant)
RL$: Return to Work Light Duty full time with wage loss via Vocational Rehabilitation
RRC: Referred to Rehabilitation Counselor   
RWL: Rehabilitation 30 day warning letter; non-cooperation

S9: Skin condition; other        
SB: Biological skin conditions including poison ivy, poison oak           
SC: Chemical
SI: Payment entitlement suspension in development
SL: Skin lesion including blister, bunion, callus and corn
SU: Benefits Suspended for failure to report for an Office-directed medical exam
SCC: Schedule A Initiative; Certified              
SCD: Schedule A Initiative; Declined
SCI: Schedule A Initiative; Identified             
SCN: Schedule A Initiative; Closed no Return to Work
SCO: Schedule A Initiative; Return to Work (other)
SCR: Schedule A Initiative; Rejected             
SCW: Schedule A Initiative; Return to Work
SI: Payment/Entititlement Suspension in development
SRO: Compensation Suspension; Reopened
SUC: Compensation Suspension; Non-cooperation with Vocational Rehabilitation
SUE: Compensation Suspension; No report of earnings/dependency (claimant failed to submit OWCP-requested CA-1032)
SUM: Compensation Suspension; Obstruction of Medical Examination
SUR: Surgery authorized
T0: No injury stated                           
T1: Cerebral vascular condition; stroke              
T2: Acoustic trauma (hearing loss)              
T3: Cardiovascular conditions          
T4: Mental, emotional, nervous conditions                           
T5: Headaches                                     
T6: Death; sudden/violent                 
T7: General symptoms
T8: Traumatic injury; unclassified (not disease/illness)     
TA: Amputation
TB: Back sprain/strain, back pain, subluxation, intervertebral disc disorders
TC: Contusion, Bruise, Abrasion        
TD: Dislocation
TE: Injury due to environmental causes; including frostbite, heat stroke, heat exhaustion
TF: Fracture                                           
TG: Effects of electrical current        
TH: Inguinal Hernia
TI: Payment entitlement termination in development  
TI: Traumatic skin disease/condition, including dermatitis                                
TJ: Crush injury
TK: Concussion                                    
TL: Laceration/Cut                             
TM: Exposure to all chemical or biological causes
TN: Superficial wounds 
TO: Pain, swelling, redness, stiffness (not in joint)                      
TP: Puncture wound (not insect bite)
TQ: Gastrointestinal conditions; including food poisoning
TR: Respiratory conditions                 
TS: Strain/Sprain of ligament, muscle, tendon (not back)
TT: Tooth injuries                                 
TU: Burns, scald, sunburn                   
TV: Foreign body in eye   
TW: Tuberculosis                   
TX: Infectious diseases; bacteria, viruses, parasites
TY: Insect bite                                    
TZ: Pain swelling, stiffness, redness in joint
TCC: Triage Continuation of Pay, (COP) Case
TCQ: Triage to Quality Control Management, (QCM); Open
TML: Ten Month Letter Issued
TRC: Triage Case with full time Return to Work during Continuation of Pay; Closed
TTD: Continuing Total Disability per Second and/or Referee opinion

UD: Under Development                   
UN: Not adjudicated; case created but not reviewed

V1: Fever with or without chills, fatigue, etc…                     
V9: Infectious or parasitic disease; other
VA: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and HIV
VB: Brucellosis
VC: Valley Fever (Coccidioidomycosis)
VD: Anthrax
VF: Rabies
VH: Hepatitis
VL: Lyme Disease
VM: Malaria
VP: Parasitic Diseases
VR: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
VS: Staphylococcus

VT: Tuberculosis
X1: Migrated Data information unavailable
XX: Destroyed
XX: Final decision with no Return to Work (Return to Work code)
XZ: Anatomic site not mentioned