Wednesday, March 7, 2012

OWCP Physician's in Arizona & Washington

I was contacted today by a physician's office. They had a Claimant who was having difficulty with their OWCP claim and were requesting help.

Through the course of our conversation, I was most impressed by the level of concern for the Claimant and her injuries as well as the knowledge of the OWCP system.

I was informed that this is a physician's office where OWCP Claimant's are WELCOME.

I'm passing on their information:

Arizona Injury Medical Associates
(480) 347-0941


They have offices in Phoenix, Arizona and the Seattle, Washington area.

Their physicians are Board Certified, they know what's required in an OWCP report and they have the ability to do OWCP impairment ratings under the 6th Edition to the Guides to Permanent Impairment.

I have not seen any of their reports and I have not met with or been examined by any of their physicians. However, based on my conversation, I believe a Claimant will get what is required for OWCP. I can tell you that their concern was for the CLAIMANT and helping the Claimant was their sole reason for contacting me.

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