Wednesday, September 12, 2012

OWCP Codes

I get a lot of questions about different codes OWCP uses. Not all of OWCP's codes can be found since a lot of them are internal codes but these are the ones I know of:

Injury Type:
100: Struck                                                                                              
110: Struck by                                                                   
111: Struck by falling object                                                
120: Struck against                                                                 
200: Fell, Slipped, Tripped                                                          
210: Fell; same level                                                                
220: Fell; different level                                                                         
230: Slipped, Tripped, no Fall                                                  
300: Caught                                                                        
310: Caught on                                 
320: Caught in
330: Caught between
400: Puncture, Laceration 
410: Punctured by
420: Cut by
430: Stung by
440: Bitten by 
500: Contact
510: Contact with
520: Contact by
600: Exertion
610: Lifted, Strained by    
620: Stressed by 
700: Exposure  
710: Inhalation
720: Ingestion
730: Absorption  
800: Traveling in
999: Unclassified
Payment Type:
0: Adjustment
1: Disability                 
2: Leave Buy Back                    
3: Wage Earning Capacity
4: Direct Payment       
5: Incarcerated           
6: Burial transportation          
7: Death
8: Manual Payment    
9: Schedule Award     
A: Lump sum death benefit   
B: Cash receipt
C: FECS payments adjustment

A0: Accepted; no benefits payable
A0110: Taxi
A0120: Mini Bus
A0130: Wheelchair Van
A0140: Air Travel
A0170: Tolls/Parking
A0180: Lodging
A0190: Meals
A0200: Lodging Escort
A0210: Meals Escort
A1:  Upper Arm; Single                     
A2: Upper Arm; Both             
A3: Forearm; Single
A4: Forearm; Both                             
A5: Wrist; Single                     
A6: Wrists; Both
AB: Arm and Wrist                             
AC: Accepted as compensable; COP only medical benefits authorized
AD: Accepted as compensable; Daily Roll and medical benefits authorized
ADO: Agency declined to offer modified job 
AF: Accepted as compensable; Fatality, Dependent(s) on Periodic Roll no medical benefits authorized
AI: Payment entitlement adjustment in development
AL: Accepted as compensable; Leave elected medical benefits authorized
AM: Accepted as compensable; Medical Benefits Only
AP: Accepted as compensable; Periodic Roll and medical benefits authorized
AR: Administrative Review                
AS: Arm or Wrist
AT: Accepted as Work-Related; Compensation denied medical benefits authorized
AX: Arm(s); multiple sites                  
AZ: Arm(s); other


B1: Breast; Single                           
B2: Brest; Both 
B3: Testicle; Single   
B4: Testicle; Both
B5: Vulva/Vagina              
BA: Abdomen 
BC: Chest             
BL: Lower Back          
BP: Penis 
BS: Side
BU: Upper Back          
BW: Waist                   
BX: Undefined             
BZ: Not Otherwise Classified


C1: Closed; No time lost                                 
C2: Closed; Leave elected                  
C3: Closed; Benefits denied                           
C4: Closed; COP covered all time lost           
C5: Closed; other, all benefits paid               
C9: Cardiovascular/Circulatory disease; other
CA: Angina                                                         
CB: Blood disorder
CH: Hypertension                                             
CL: Closed; Administrative     
CM: Myocardial infarction  (heart attack)                            
CP: Varicose veins, Phlebitis, Thrombophlebitis
CS: Cerebrovascular accident  (stroke)                    
CAE: Return to Work; actual earnings Loss of Wage Earning Capacity, (LWEC)
CCL: Loss of Wage Earning Capacity, (LWEC) modification
CCO: Benefits Terminated; no continuing injury-related disability
CEID: Claims Examiner Identification 
CFC: Benefits Terminated; Fraud                  
CFF: Return to Work via Claims Examiner
CFP: Return to Work Full Duty part time via Claims Examiner
CLF: Return to Work Light Duty full time via Claims Examiner
CLP: Return to Work Light Duty part time via Claims Examiner
CLW: Constructed Loss of Wage Earning Capacity, (LWEC) (formal decision issued)
CL$: Return to Work Light Duty full time via Claims Examiner with wage loss
CNC: Return to Work; non-classified position
CNL: Return to Work; 0% Loss of Wage Earning Capacity, (LWEC) (formal decision issued)
CON: Conference completed
CPN: Permanent Total Disability Determination
CPS: Return to Work in private sector via Claims Examiner
CRC: Benefits Reduced; Incarcerated due to Felony
CRL: Recurrence; Loss of Wage Earning Capacity Temporary Total Disability, (TTD)
CRN: Recurrence/New injury following Return to Work Light Duty
CSA: Sanctions: refusing suitable work
CSB: Compensation not claimed (other benefits received such as OPM)

D1: Denied; Untimely                         
D2: Denied; Not Civil Service Employee        
D3: Denied; No Fact of Injury            
D4: Denied; Not in Performance of Duty      
D5: Denied; No Casual Relationship
D7: Denied; Case on appeal-Remanded by Employees’ Compensation Appeals Board, (ECAB)
D8: Denied; Case on appeal-Remanded by Hearing and Review
D9: Denied; Pending Reconsideration
DA: Headaches                      
DB: Seizures, convulsions                   
DC: Coma                   
DE: Death Roll
DEA: Death of claimant
DF: General symptoms; Syncope, dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, numbness of body part
DH: Hearing loss                     
DI: Loss of vision/sight                                
DM: Mental, emotional, nervous conditions
DMA: DMA referral complete
DN: Nerve condition including paralysis after exposure to toxins
DO: Disallowed pending        
DR: Daily Roll  
DR: Radiation                                    
DT: Tumors, cancer and related conditions              
DEA: Death of Claimant        
DEL: Delayed Development
DTC: Dual Track Closed (dual track; Field Nurse, (FN) and Rehabilitation Counselor, (RC) assigned at the same time)
DTO: Dual Track Opened (dual track; Field Nurse and Rehabilitation Counselor assigned at the same time)

EA: Payment entitlement adjustment           
ES: Payment entitlement suspension
ET: Payment entitlement termination
EFT: Electronic Fund Transfer (i.e., Direct Deposit)

FF: Full duty full time                                     
FP: Full duty part time

GD: Diarrhea with/without vomiting             
GH: Hiatal, Umbilical or Ventral hernia        
GO: Hernia; other                                              
GP: Abdominal pain   
GU: Ulcer; gastric, duodenal, peptic              
G9: Gastrointestinal; not otherwise classified
IAE: Interim Actual Earnings (compensation based on actual earnings no formal Loss of Wage Earning Capacity, (LWEC)

JOB: Job Offer Made                                                                         
JOL: Suitable Job Offer letter issued
JON: Job offer not suitable
JOR: Job Offer Request; work restrictions to employing Agency     
JOW: Job Offer Withdrawn
LF: Light Duty full time without wage loss                               
LP: Light Duty part time
LS: Entitled to payment of a lump sum schedule award       
L$: Light Duty full time with wage loss


M9: Musculoskeletal condition; other                                
MA: Arthritis              
MB: Back or neck strain/sprain                                             
MC: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
MC: Entitled to medical treatment only
MD: Degenerative Disc Disease; Spondylosis; Spondylitis
MDN: Medical development needed
MI: Inflammatory disease including bursitis; tendinitis
MK: Chondromalacia                                                             
MP: Pain, swelling, stiffness, redness in joint
MS: Pain, swelling, stiffness, redness not in joint                 
MIN: Medical Interruption (condition non-work related)
MNR: Narrative report received                                           
MRI: Referee Examination Scheduled
MRR: Referred to scheduler for referee                                       
MSC: Second Opinion report received
MSF: Second Opinion follow-up taken
MSI: Second Opinion Scheduled 
MSN: Second Opinion not necessary per SCE
MSR: Referred to scheduler for second opinion
NC: No payment entitlement change                                    
NI: PN memo in development
NL: No lost time                                                                         
NCO: Nurse Case Closed
NCP: Referred to Continuation of Pay, (COP) Nurse           
NFF: Return to Work via Nurse Services
NFN: Referred to Field Nurse
NFP: Return to Work Full Duty part time via Nurse Services
NF3: 30 day extension granted; Nurse Services                    
NF6: 60 day extension granted; Nurse Services
NIC: Nurse intervention via CE
NLF: Return to Work Light Duty full time via Nurse Services
NLP: Return to Work Light Duty part time via Nurse Services
NL$: Return to Work Light Duty full time with wage loss via Nurse Services
NSN: Referred to Staff Nurse

OF: Food poisoning                
OG: Tooth and gum problems           
OL: Hernia; inguinal
ON: Overpayment; not in receipt of compensation  
OP: Overpayment; Case on compensation roll
OP: Pregnancy (Peace Corps only)
OIC: Other intervention by Claims Examiner, (CE) 
OLI: Optional Life Insurance
OLI: Other location Imaged                          
OPM: Elected OPM benefits

PN: Entitled to payment on Periodic Roll; No wage earning capacity or re-employment potential for indefinite future.
PR: Entitled to payment on Periodic Roll.                 
PS: Payment of Schedule Award
PS: Return to Work; private sector
PW: Periodic Roll; Loss of Wage Earning Capacity, (LWEC) in place
PCR: No entitlement change following periodic review
PFP: Return to Work Full Duty part time      
PLF: Return to Work Light Duty full time without wage loss
PLP: Return to Work Light Duty part time    
PL$: Return to Work Light Duty full time with wage loss
PRL: Pre-Reduction notice sent 
PRM: Open; the DM record has been open 30 months or more. The claimant remains off work or is working with wage loss.                      
PTL: Pre-Termination notice sent

QAP: Narrative Report Requested from Physician


R9: Respiratory condition; other       
RA: Asbestosis            
RB: Bronchitis            
RC: Asthma
RE: Emphysema                                    
RO: Reopen                 
RP: Pneumoconiosis (Black Lung)
RR: Reaction to smoke, fumes, and chemicals                       
RS: Silicosis
RT: Case retired or awaiting retirement                               
RCL: Rehabilitation case closed with no return to work
RFF: Return to Work via Vocational Rehabilitation
RFP: Return to Work Full Duty part time via Vocational Rehabilitation
RHC: Returned to claims examiner   
RHD: Plan Development; Vocational Rehabilitation
RHE: Employed                                     
RHG: Assisted Re-employment Program
RHI: Rehabilitation Plan in place       
RHM: Medical Rehabilitation
RHN: Placement; previous employer without other services
RHP: Placement; new employer        
RHR: Referred to Rehabilitation Specialist   
RHS: Self-employment                        
RHT: In approved OWCP Vocational Training
RHV: Employed; Assisted Re-employment Program. Rehabilitation counselor follow-up
RHW: Placement; previous employer with other services
RHX: Vocational Rehabilitation services interrupted
RHZ: Post-employment services
RIC: Rehabilitation intervention via CE
RLF: Return to Work Light Duty full time without wage loss via Vocational Rehabilitation
RLP: Return to Work Light Duty part time via Vocational Rehabilitation
RLT: Eventual Reduction via Rehabilitation (entered when letter from claims examiner, (CE) is sent to claimant)
RL$: Return to Work Light Duty full time with wage loss via Vocational Rehabilitation
RRC: Referred to Rehabilitation Counselor   
RWL: Rehabilitation 30 day warning letter; non-cooperation

S9: Skin condition; other        
SB: Biological skin conditions including poison ivy, poison oak           
SC: Chemical
SI: Payment entitlement suspension in development
SL: Skin lesion including blister, bunion, callus and corn
SU: Benefits Suspended for failure to report for an Office-directed medical exam
SCC: Schedule A Initiative; Certified              
SCD: Schedule A Initiative; Declined
SCI: Schedule A Initiative; Identified             
SCN: Schedule A Initiative; Closed no Return to Work
SCO: Schedule A Initiative; Return to Work (other)
SCR: Schedule A Initiative; Rejected             
SCW: Schedule A Initiative; Return to Work
SI: Payment/Entititlement Suspension in development
SRO: Compensation Suspension; Reopened
SUC: Compensation Suspension; Non-cooperation with Vocational Rehabilitation
SUE: Compensation Suspension; No report of earnings/dependency (claimant failed to submit OWCP-requested CA-1032)
SUM: Compensation Suspension; Obstruction of Medical Examination
SUR: Surgery authorized
T0: No injury stated                           
T1: Cerebral vascular condition; stroke              
T2: Acoustic trauma (hearing loss)              
T3: Cardiovascular conditions          
T4: Mental, emotional, nervous conditions                           
T5: Headaches                                     
T6: Death; sudden/violent                 
T7: General symptoms
T8: Traumatic injury; unclassified (not disease/illness)     
TA: Amputation
TB: Back sprain/strain, back pain, subluxation, intervertebral disc disorders
TC: Contusion, Bruise, Abrasion        
TD: Dislocation
TE: Injury due to environmental causes; including frostbite, heat stroke, heat exhaustion
TF: Fracture                                           
TG: Effects of electrical current        
TH: Inguinal Hernia
TI: Payment entitlement termination in development  
TI: Traumatic skin disease/condition, including dermatitis                                
TJ: Crush injury
TK: Concussion                                    
TL: Laceration/Cut                             
TM: Exposure to all chemical or biological causes
TN: Superficial wounds 
TO: Pain, swelling, redness, stiffness (not in joint)                      
TP: Puncture wound (not insect bite)
TQ: Gastrointestinal conditions; including food poisoning
TR: Respiratory conditions                 
TS: Strain/Sprain of ligament, muscle, tendon (not back)
TT: Tooth injuries                                 
TU: Burns, scald, sunburn                   
TV: Foreign body in eye   
TW: Tuberculosis                   
TX: Infectious diseases; bacteria, viruses, parasites
TY: Insect bite                                    
TZ: Pain swelling, stiffness, redness in joint
TCC: Triage Continuation of Pay, (COP) Case
TCQ: Triage to Quality Control Management, (QCM); Open
TML: Ten Month Letter Issued
TRC: Triage Case with full time Return to Work during Continuation of Pay; Closed
TTD: Continuing Total Disability per Second and/or Referee opinion

UD: Under Development                   
UN: Not adjudicated; case created but not reviewed

V1: Fever with or without chills, fatigue, etc…                     
V9: Infectious or parasitic disease; other
VA: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and HIV
VB: Brucellosis
VC: Valley Fever (Coccidioidomycosis)
VD: Anthrax
VF: Rabies
VH: Hepatitis
VL: Lyme Disease
VM: Malaria
VP: Parasitic Diseases
VR: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
VS: Staphylococcus

VT: Tuberculosis
X1: Migrated Data information unavailable
XX: Destroyed
XX: Final decision with no Return to Work (Return to Work code)
XZ: Anatomic site not mentioned


  1. My current location shown as "XIN" what's that ?

  2. It means the file is coming in from another location. For instance if there was an appeal, either a hearing or at the ECAB, the file is sent out. XIN means the file is coming back into OWCP.

  3. I was wondering what CEID: CFH mean?

  4. CEID means Claims Examiner Identification. The CFH is likely the CE's ID.

  5. Hello! My case recently got a accepted on 9/18 for medical benefits only. Although I got injured on 5/10 and have been under doctors care with no wage income since my COP ran out.
    Should my CA-7's be approved even though my letter says medical benefits only?

  6. See this article: http://theowcpclassroom.blogspot.com/2017/09/my-claim-was-accepted-but-im-not.html

  7. Hello Jesse,

    What if when you look up you status in CQS, next to your CA-7 status it says "71 - 09/27/2017 Already Paid/Duplicate - LWOP" and you have not received any payments?

  8. If the CA-7 is showing paid but you didn't receive the payment, then you'd need to get with OWCP and let them know so they can re-issue the payment.

    If you contact them by phone, follow-up in writing.

  9. I was wondering how benefits are affected if a claimate becomes pregnant while on owcp? Thanks

  10. OWCP concentrates on the accepted work injuries. If the pregnancy does not affect your accepted conditions, then it should have no effect at all.

    Pregnancy is a temporary condition (!), so any symptoms you experienced due to pregnancy that affect your accepted conditions should also be temporary.

    You may have different restrictions due to the pregnancy, but again they should be temporary, for instance, if you have an accepted knee condition, you may require more sitting, elevating the leg, etc...as the pregnancy advances.

    But once you give birth, that should end because you're no longer carrying the extra weight of a baby.

    There should only be an issue if the pregnancy causes a worsening of the accepted conditions that is still there after the baby is born.

    1. You are greatly appreciated.