Sunday, April 27, 2014

New OWCP Classroom Question Forum

For reasons unknown The OWCP Classroom Forum was deleted!

I've created a new forum for questions, answers and general help.

Here's the new forum address: 


Hope to hear from anyone needing help!


  1. I am so frustrated with owcp, ended up in the hospital with back pain and passing out. They say I have spinal stenosis from an injury I received in 1988 at the post office to my back. I am retired now with my back being covered always. Now I need surgery and can't find a doctor in my area that is a provider. I have talked with my case examiner and she won't help except to say keep looking because she can't refer me. My legs are affected and neck and shoulder. I am in pain and can't do anything about it. Doctors are opting out of FECA . Is there anything I can do. Never had a scheduled award except once on 28% on left leg from nerve damage. What can I do to find a surgeon to help relieve the pain?

  2. Try FedDoctor.com they are trained in the ways of OWCP. Any physician can become a provider by going to the provider section of ACS and completing the items requested...it isn't hard to do. Here is the link: https://owcp.dol.acs-inc.com/portal/main.do When the physician gets there they should click on the "provider" link and just follow the instructions. So if you have a surgeon or your treating physician can recommend a surgeon, they can just sign up. If you can't find one in your area, expand your search. Unfortunately, this is a very big problem for a lot of claimants.

  3. Cannot get OWCP to pay Claim for Compensation awarded by Hearings and Review appeal. Instructed to pay from 8/30/2012 to the present and my claims examiner has done nothing. Also have a scheduled award pending on another case that was referred to a 2nd opinion dr on 7/17/2014. I sent a certified letter requesting a copy of the repoirt be sent to me and my doctor and nothing!!!

  4. I would suggest contacting your Congressperson on the compensation issue.

    You can try requesting a copy of your file. The report should be in the file if it was received by OWCP.

    Check ACS to make sure the secop was paid. If the secop hasn't been paid, OWCP hasn't received the report.

  5. Can I receive a scheduled award and my monthly benefits at the same time?

  6. No you cannot receive compensation and a schedule award at the same time. OWCP will suspend your compensation while they pay the schedule award. When the schedule award is paid, compensation will resume.

  7. Hi,I refused job and last step was they terminated my compensation.After termination offered me other job.My dr released me only for 4 hours.I am full time employee still not paying me rest of 4 hours due to termination.they offered me other job and i accepted and still i am working.what i can do to get 4 hours money?My other question is that my Dr.put on ca-17 standing continues for 1 hour.I do not have to stand every day 1 hour but when i have to it aggrevated my condition.I told my DR.about it, so he changed 1 hour continue to 1 hour intermittent.can i claim a new injury according to this change?that way i can get start getting money again which i lost now(terminated compensation)

  8. I have a question forum: http://theowcpclassroom.freeforums.net/