Monday, September 21, 2015

Team Work Ready

According to the Department of Justice, after an investigation by the USPS Office of Inspector General, The Department of Labor Office of Inspector General, Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General, Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General and IRS Criminal Investigations, Team Work Ready, a Houston, TX based company is the latest to be charged in a conspiracy involving health care fraud, money laundering and OWCP.
On June 30, 2015 a 20-count indictment was unsealed alleging that between January 2011 and June 2015, Team Work Ready submitted at least $6,787,058.00 in false and fraudulent claims to OWCP and received $5,656,778.00 in payment for those claims.
The indictment also alleges that Jeffrey Rose the CEO and Pamela Rose the CFO conspired to conceal approximately $700,000.00 in payments from OWCP when federal search warrants were executed on Team Work Ready clinics in July 2013.
Those indicted allegedly submitted claims for one-on-one physical therapy when patients were playing Nintendo Wii™, sitting in electronic massage chairs, playing water volleyball and/or watching television. 
While Team Work Ready advertises their facilities provide treatment rooms with state-of-the-art equipment designed for effective results with all therapeutic services performed and supervised on site by certified and licensed medical professionals, it would appear by this indictment that wasn't the case. 
The indictment also alleges the defendants received payments for sending patients to physicians and providers of diagnostic services.
Those currently indicted include Jeffrey Rose the CEO, Pamela Rose the CFO, Hugo Jaime the rehabilitation director and Frankie Sanders the vice president of operations.
Team Work Ready claimed it was a full-service clinic specializing in work-related injuries with 10 locations in five States including Texas and New Orleans and advertised they are a full-service multi-specialty clinic specializing in work-related injury, rehabilitation and therapeutic services for injured state and federal employees.
Team Work Ready continues to have an active Facebook page, but it appears their website has gone off line.
Once again, those that take advantage of injured workers are being paid exorbitant amounts of money while claimants suffer the consequences of being under the stigma of providers who allegedly falsified their bills.

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  1. I am currently being threatened that I must return to my regular work because of major issues with m.d.notes and CA-17 from Team Ready problems....I have incompetent OWCP personnel at work DEMANDING items that are illegal (wanting to call the doctor to clarify a CA-17)....in over my head

  2. Contact me directly at owcpslayer@gmail.com

  3. I hope they get everything that they deserve and more being a former employee working with these crooks they have no regard for the survival of there employees and will do anything to get money and it's finally catching up to them.......

    1. I agree with you. Money hungry. I hope they get the full ride.

  4. Staying risk-free has never ever been less complicated.